We are #POLABARB: adventurous creatures, engaged couple, tv shows (go Netflix!) and pizza lovers, Survivor fools and most of all we are best buddies. Together we do everything. We create TIDETURNED / POLABARB.

Tide turned [idiom] – Things changed in favor of someone or something.
Pól & Bárb [names] – Two of us. Pól and Bárb.

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and let’s make something awesome together!


Pól is a chef in our family: he cooks, bakes, roasts, stews or steams. Lover of music & movies! Tomb Raider game enthusiastic (such as Barb is!) and brave traveler. Oh, and he is the calm one.

Bárb is the chatty one and quickly-gets-excited-about-everything one :D She is a lusty fashionista (#hatportraitbybarb), lover of colors (and zebras & unicorns!) and mexican + vietnamese cuisine.

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