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Cheap plane tickets to Bournemouth? Hell, yeah!

We would be fools not to use a promo on new direct flights from Prague to Bournemouth. We booked our late June trip and hoped we would get the usual cold windy foggy England weather because it was SO freaking hot in Prague! Well, we got a bright sky without clouds 3 days out of 4*… :D

And we got another surprise – we were lucky enough to get on board with Czech Instagram legends: @j1rk4, @jackob, and @danekpavel! Who would have guessed that we’ll book the same flight… :D

We spent 2 full days and 2 half-ish days in this area. We were not impressed by Bournemouth the city although the small colorful beach houses are super cute! On the contrary, we felt in love with the countryside and coast of South-West England.

*Please note, that this article is mostly made of photos from day 1.

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Been there, loved it


On our way to Castle Combe

We accommodated ourselves in The White Hart located in a small hamlet of Ford near historical gem Castle Combe (known from fantasy fairytale Stardust). We decided we will make two trips to the Castle Combe village: first, in the afternoon the very same day by walking, and the next day early morning by 4 mins drive, to beat the crowds.

It was a terrific idea to do the walk first. It was a one-of-a-kind experience to walk through the fields of south-west England countryside. It is appx. a 7.2km/4.7-mile walk from the village of Castle Combe to Ford, and back. We didn’t do any research on the hiking trail at all. We just used common sense and combined Google Maps and car roads with public footpaths and bridleways through woodland and fields because we spotted a sign of a trail during our walk. The most similar trail we did is Ford → Castle Combe Loop (second source for the trail here) with a few exceptions: we went from Ford to Castle Comb directly followed car road. When going back from Castle Combe to Ford, we started at number 1 and reached number 12 by car road again and then turn right followed numbers 11, 10, 9, and 8. Now, I am able to see how little part of a trail we did and I am sure, if we will be able to visit this place again, we will do the whole trail! I also found shorter Castle Combe and Nettleton Mill Walk.

Castle Combe

on our way back to Ford

the next morning at Castle Combe

The Manor House at Castle Combe

back at The White Hart on breakfast included in our stay