The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland, UK

… for our 3rd #POLABARBwedding anniversary today

Shot on Sunday, November 24, 2019

When we saw the morning haze slowly disappearing, we took each other’s hand and ran through the beech trees along Bregagh Road.

Then we cuddled close to each other, cold and frozen by the sharp wind in the middle of the road known as The King Road from The Game Of Thrones.

We danced, we laughed. We were present.

My dear Pól,

I am so excited and grateful you are always saying YES to all my crazy stupid ideas. It shows me how much you are caring for me. Even it means to get up at 5:00 AM in the morning and (without any breakfast!!!) playing “dress-up” in front of multiple cameras for hours in freaking cold rainy windy weather in Northern Ireland! Happy 3rd #polabarbwedding anniversary!

 Video by Nigel Ivy Film

And now, I would like to write an ode to Nigel Ivy Film. Not only he is such a nice easy-going friendly and talkative guy, but he also has such an incredible talent in video making and storytelling! He is passionate about what he does, he is helpful with planning, idea-making, location scouting, … And he will deliver the absolute best package full of main videos, teasers, tips, and stills to you!

Nigel, we are so happy we were able to meet with you the last (freaking cold!) fall and we are excited to meet you again and explore the Czech Republic together! Pól and I are sendings greetings to you and your family in Northern Ireland!

 Video by Nigel Ivy Film


Thank you
Photos by Julie & Ryan Photography / Custom-made Dress by Olya Silk and Lace / Custom-made Crown by The Handmade Tiara / Make-Up by Sarah Walker / Flower Crown by Victoriana Floral / Custom-made Hat by DjUMA