Pick the right gear

What are my essentials for an autumn trip to inscrutable Northern Ireland for our intimate anniversary elopement:

  • flowy dress, not a wedding nor summer, something in between
  • star crown and a black hat with the possibility to secure it on my head while a heavy wind
  • blanket / big scarf or a tweed / checked jacked if freezing + pair of warm sock and a proper base layer
  • solid warm boots ready for exploring

I have to laugh to myself when I remember how I started to plan our epic trip to Northern Ireland for the end of November 2019. I kind of forget all the important elements of this land: it surely will be cold and windy with a high probability of rain. Fog would be fine – for the morning, at least.

So I prepared my custom-made dress by Olya Silk and Lace, custom-made crown by The Handmade Tiara and custom-made hat by DjUMA (the best team ever, love you guys so much for this <3) – everything exactly (maybe even better) how I imagine it in my dreams while thinking about Joshua Tree… :D The anniversary elopement outfit of my dreams… And I kind of have to make it work in the total opposite of what Joshua Tree, the desert, is. This means coast with a strong wind and with abundant rainfall (the average number of „wet days“ is about 225 days a year in parts of the west)… :D Anyways… It stopped raining for our shoot, but it was bloody cold weather…

Despite all f this, I think, I (and the whole team) succeed! :) 
I will post some photos from the very shoot asap :)

/ Custom-made Dress by Olya Silk and Lace
/ Custom-made Crown by The Handmade Tiara
/ Custom-made Hat by DjUMA
/ Boots by KAMIK
/ Rings by 27JEWELRY
/ Aztec blanket by Only
/ Cropped jacket in grey check as seen on Barb by Miss Selfridge