Czechia, Prague
Ovocný trh & Týnská ulička
Shot on Friday, October 6, 2020

Those photos were taken by our „old“ friend Foto Lucie, who was actually the first one who did a photoshoot with us back than in 2015 and 2016. Well, it supposed to be my photoshoot but I asked Pól to join me for a couple of shot <3 Haha… And he said: „Hell yeah!“, because hanging out with Lucie (and sometimes even with her awesome mom who is coincidentally a great makeup artist!) is such an easy ride!

Lucie is like one of us. She is not playing any role, she is not trying to chase „the best Instagram moments“, she is just present with her couples, paying maximum attention to them acting as a silent documentarist or not – it’s up to you what do you like the best!

Lucie is able to help you, guide you, she brings the best out of you – you will not see yourself with a double-chin, don’t worry :D She is a true artist who, without any necessary retouches or adjustments, is able to photograph you like beautiful human beings inside and out.

This session lasted about an hour and we’ve got so many beautiful and diverse photos we will be cherished for the rest of our lives. Thank you, Luci, for capturing us during those difficult times.

These photos were taken during the second wave of mandatory quarantine because of the COVID-19 global pandemic. We were allowed to go on a walk in two people max and we had to maintain 2 m distancing from others. So we decided to support our dead friend Lucie and show others how to still live and create while maintaining all safety rules and regulations. Even tho the Old Town of Prague was almost empty. Lucie wore a face mask all the time and was distant 2m+ from us using a proper lens to be able to photograph details without getting any closer.


Photos were taken by our friend Foto Lucie