The United Kingdom, Northern Ireland
Let’s head up north!

Photos by Julie & Ryan Photography / Video by Nigel Ivy Film
Make-Up by Sarah Walker / Flower Crown by Victoriana Floral / Hat by DjUMA

This place might easily and with no doubt be our other favorite spot on Earth! <3

Thank you so much to the whole crew named above for creating with us!
We genuinely had so much fun with ALL of you despite we had to get up super early and then looking nice one cold morning in Northern Ireland.

If you are looking for someone in Northern Ireland or beyond – those are your guys!

Super creative, super easy-going, super involved… Love them all! <3

Can’t wait to post more next time :)

big applause for an amazing make-up goes to Sarah Walker

huge thank you for a beautiful flower crown goes to Victoriana Floral

hats off for Barb’s custom-made hat goes to DjUMA