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How to… ?

Bremen > Keflavik > Prague

> from 170 €
> via Germania airline
> get back to Prague by Flixbus

transfer Keflavík > Reykjavík (BSÍ Bus terminal or your hotel)

> 2.200 ISK (17 €) or 2.800 ISK (21 €)
> via flybus, choose your destination BSÍ Bus terminal or your hotel
> timetable: leaves after every arrival (!)

transport in Reykjavík

> single ticket 420 ISK (3.2 €)
> can be bought on the bus – note that no change is given on the bus


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we give you 18 € to travel <3
via Airbnb – look for „Bright studio by the sea side Reykjavik“, modest but fine one room studio for 2

we give you 15 $ to travel for each booking you’ll make via this link<3
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Look out!
All groceries stores are usually open from 11 AM to 6 PM.

Reykjavikview from Hallgrimskirkja churchReykjavikview from Hallgrimskirkja churchReykjavikportrait in front of Reykjavík City HallReykjavikFrakkastígur streetReykjaviksea side near Faxaskjól street, our parking spot for yellow Nissan Juke
ReykjavikLandakotskirkja churchReykjavikReykjavíkurtjörn lake, wearing Barbour wax jacket and ASOS beanieReykjavikReykjavík Ráðhús / Reykjavík City Hall

Where to… ?


Noodle Station offers the best Icelandic „Phở Bo“, little different from Czech version but also delicious! You can choose between beef 1.540 ISK (12 €), chicken 1.540 ISK (12 €) or vegetables 890 ISK (7 €)!

Bergsson Mathús is the best place where they served Bergsson brunch for 2.190 ISK (17 €)! Brunch includes: yogurt with muesli and berry compote, a soft boiled egg, slices of prosciutto and cheese, hummus, bacon, fried potatoes, little vegetable salad, fresh seasonal fruit, fresh orange juice (unlimited!) and homemade sourdough bread. You can also eat your bread with homemade butter, jam or peanut butter (self-service).

Kaffibrennslan is perfect place for a cup of coffee 540 ISK (4 €) and hot waffles with bacon & syrup 1.390 ISK (11 €) or jam 990 ISK (12 €)! Or you can have a bottle of local beer!

Kaffihús Vesturbaejar (read more) is not located at the city center, but you can be sure that you enjoy your cup of coffee and perfect lunch with locals only!

Meze Restaurant offers 3 cheaper but delicious lunch specials: soup of the day for 1.390 ISK (11 €) and catch of the day or todays special for for 2.490 ISK (19 €). Ask service for more info.


Hallgrímskirkja church you can not miss! Original modern Icelandic architecture and mind blowing view from tower on streets of Reykjavík. Entry to the tower for adults is 900 ISK (7.5 €).

Surrounding of Reykjavík Ráðhús City Hall, church Fríkirkjan and Reykjavíkurtjörn lake.

Visit Perlan for nice view at the city of Reykjavík and Harpa for amazing beautiful interior. Entrance is free!

Swimming in Reykjavík? Visit Vesturbæjarlaug swimming pool or Nauthólsvík geothermal beach!

Enjoy atmosphere of Reykjavík and walk from Reykjavík Ráðhús City Hall to Landakotskirkja church!

We loved sea side, beach and houses near Faxaskjól street.

ReykjavikNoodle StationReykjavikMedium backpack by Nike International, our companion for city exploring!Reykjavikbrunch at Bergsson MathúsReykjavikgraffiti in Bjargarstígur streetReykjavikcup of cuppuccino at Kaffihús Vesturbaejar (read more)Reykjaviklunch at Kaffihús Vesturbaejar (read more)ReykjavikFríkirkjan churchReykjavikcup of cuppuccinos at BorðiðReykjavik#polabarb, wearing Barbour wax jacket and Urban Outfitters denim jacketReykjavikexploring Rykjavik, wearing Burbour wax jacket and ZARA shirt (read more)Reykjavikthe best waffles with bacon & syrup at KaffibrennslanReykjavikview from Perlan buildingPostcard from Reykjavikview from Hallgrimskirkja churchReykjavikwink wink ;)